Monday, December 21, 2009

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Nothing really to talk about today. I woke up around 1PM today, I only stayed up to 2 AM the previous night too. xD
When I went online at 2PM, I found out I had lost internet connection again. I didn't get it back until sometime near 8PM. 8c

I finished listening to all of the songs on my iTunes today. I delete song I don't like. once I did that, I put my entire music folder back into my iTunes so that all my music showed up. All of the songs without play counts would be the ones I'd delete from my computer. c8
...I..have yet to do that though |D eh. anyway, in the picture below, you can see how much music I have. A LOT. I know. anyway uhh enjoy this update I guess. c8


Edorisuke said...

Very nice. cB
It's a good thing I saw these already :)

Cam said...

Yep. c8
I probably won't make anything new soon. I rarely draw when at home, as you know. xD;

Evil Sonic said...


Cam said...

Oh you. xD