Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yaaay 8D

I got Mushroom's letter in the mail today! 8D

It even comes with a Finger-Me-Kaile doll. ;3 Do want.

This is the best toy ever! <3 Thanks Katie~

I also did some drawings while my internet out. anything to keep me entertained. (:iconcamcameplz:)

(I got bored.)

I edited this old photo of one of my old neighbour and his strange friend. I..don't know. Just don't even ask.

my sister wrote on the envelope here^

c8 Happy holidays to everybody.


Edorisuke said...

This was a very sexy addition to your blog. I hope you know that. |D

Cam said...

I know. |3

Roger Adkins said...

This is awesome Cam! Your blog looks a lot better than it used to and it didn't take me forever to get in!

Well, I haven't visited here in a few weeks, but I'm glad I did! :3

Cam said...

Why thank you. Cx