Friday, July 23, 2010



Sunday, April 4, 2010

I got a Twitter. =U

Click this lovely drawing to be taken to my Twitter page.

I'll be like, super inactive on this blog. Best to add me on Twitter or something.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I never explained the pictures in my last post. blah. My internet was being an ass at the time, so when it was finally normal i forgot about blogging.

oh well. My life's not that interesting anyway.
I added a timer thingy in this page. eeeh i dunno why i did it really.

so anyway uh yeah i never go on blogger anymore ;n;

Let's see what else can i talk about?
I'm addicted to listening to techno and j-core music. whenever i see download links i RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET AS. I have so much freaking music, gosh. But it's fun fun. ♥♪

maybe it's picture update time.

Ok no, I could care less about Pokemon. I just like the Mystery Dungeon series.

Sticky notes.

Drew the dolphin.

Chesthair Pikachu

A derpy pikachu drawn at an oekaki place.

ok good bye now see you in like 3 months or whenever i feel like updating again. 83

Monday, February 1, 2010

some other stuff

I'll explain later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dfsdfsd holy crap, i need an update.

Just a few things I've done either recently, a few weeks ago, and a few even months ago.

Coloured version of a sketch. <3

light-coloured ferret dude

First attempt at colouring doodles in photoshop. Fail.

Trying stuff out. Cam doesn't like.. the ocean water or something.

Another coloured sketch. Video of me drawing here.

Shit doodle.

A Sparkle kissing Cam. Sparkles belong to my friend Mushroom64.

Some anthro guy

iScribble session with DragonRichard. I couldn't think of stuff to draw. Plus iScribble sucks. just liek my tablet pen.

S.hip H.igh I.n T.ransit
Wild Woody is not my character.


Coloured sketch. KKKaile ate a tire and felt like telling the cashier.

More shit.

A crappy drawing, but people seem to like it..


A bunny or something

Characters from my old SCL comic. You can tell some of them are based off of FM-ians from SSR/MMSF. Draggy belongs to Mushroom64.


Something else I drew. I also recorded myself draw it.

Another crap drawing that people seem to like.

Toaster Jellyfish

My sexy gator <3


A very old comic thing. I was waiting for Jotter to sign on MSN.

I dunno how old this is. Cody does not want sex with Cam.

THE END. I'll be sure to upload some more scans later hopefully.